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People behind KDE on Windows

(Alphabetic ordering)

Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas
Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas implemented the Windows backend for KMid in 2010 - it works really good

Stuart Dickson
Stuart Dickson from KO GmbH is working on the Windows port of Calligra.

Casper van Donderen
Casper van Donderen ported Gluon to Windows.

Ralf Habacker
Ralf Habacker (rhabacker) is the creator of the KDE on Windows Installer and is working on porting KDE since the times of KDE 1.

Ilie Halip
Ilie Halip added installer support for debug packages within the Google Summer of Code 2010 program

André Heinecke
André Heinecke works on the Windows port of the KDEPim application suite.

Andreas Holzammer
Andreas Holzammer works on the WinCE port of the KDEPim application suite.

Maurice Kalinowski
Maurice Kalinowski works on the Windows port of scrooge.

Shane King
Shane King (shakes) works on the Windows port of Amarok and is supporting us from Down-Under.

John Layt
John Layt 

Adrian Page
Adrian Page works on Krita for Windows.

Romain Pokrzywka
Romain Pokrzywka (kromain) - a senior software developer at KDAB - works on the KDEPim application suite. He held a KDE on windows talk at Camp KDE 2010.

Patrick von Reth
Patrick von Reth works on the integration of mingw-w64 and mingw-32 bit compilers into the emerge build system.

Carlo Segato
Carlo Segato (_Brandon_) worked on several projects in KDE and ported both ktorrent and gmp to windows. He is currently the youngest member in the team.

Wolfgang Rohdewald
Wolfgang Rohdewald increased the code quality of the python based emerge system

Patrick Spendrin
Patrick Spendrin (SaroEngels) studied Physics in Leipzig and works now as a Qt developer. He took over maintainership of the emerge build tool from Holger Schröder. He spend most of his time dedicated to KDE on Windows with bug tracking and user suppport.

Jaroslaw Staniek
Jaroslaw Staniek (jstaniek) develops multiplatform applications using C++ and Trolltech's Qt. In 2003 he started contributing to KDE by starting KDElibs for win32 project (formerly Qt-KDE Wrapper), which has been extended to the KDE on Windows project. more info »

Bernhard Reiter
Bernhard Reiter is Managing Direcor and owner of Intevation GmbH. This year he donated the meeting rooms for the KDE on Windows meeting in Osnabrück.

Sascha Teichmann
Sascha Teichmann contributed an extended dependency system to the emerge build system

Constantin-Alexandru Tudorica
Constantin-Alexandru Tudorica works on an Attica based KDE installer within the Google Summer of Code 2011 program.

Non active members

Christian Ehrlicher
Christian Ehrlicher works as a Qt and maintained packaging of all KDE on Windows packages so far. He fixed a lot of bugs and kept KDE on Windows running.

Peter Kümmel
Peter Kümmel worked on the windows port of dbus.

Holger Schröder
Holger Schröder started the native port of Qt 3 to the Windows platform. Later he started our emerge build tool. He finished his studies in computer sciences and works as a Qt programmer now.

Supporting members

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